The Real California Milk Seal

The Real California Milk Seal

The Real California Milk seal was adopted in 2007 as part of a new strategic promotion initiative for the California dairy industry. The seal was created with industry input by the California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB), which also created the very successful Real California Cheese Seal in 1984.

The Real California Milk seal certifies that milk and dairy products bearing the seal are made with California milk. Nationwide the seal promotes the full range of dairy products made with California milk, including cheese, butter, ice cream and yogurt. In California, the seal also is used on fluid milk.

The Real California Milk seal depicts the image of a cow and a rising sun, as well as the words Real California Milk, all set on a golden background.

The seal helps consumers identify milk and dairy products that are made from California milk and reflects CMAB research confirming that dairy products like fluid milk, butter and ice cream are more appealing to consumers when made with California milk. It also enables the California dairy industry to effectively promote a broad range of dairy products within the state, across the country and around the world.

Last updated: January 2024